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Your Switchboard is like the control panel for your homes electrical – and if it’s starting to get on in age, this can cause a number of issues which will be both dangerous and inefficient for your home. Some common issues that can be caused from old Switchboards include:

  • Short-Circuits – Old Switchboards have a greater risk of short-circuiting which can be the cause of starting a fire, or electric shocks to residents.
  • Insufficient Power Supply – Modern homes rely on much more power than homes did 20-40 years ago with far more appliances and things like TVs, Computers, Air Conditioners and Kitchen Appliances using a lot of electricity. If you’re using an old Switchboard, you may find things like short-circuits, lights flickering and sub-optimal performance of appliances.
  • Safety Switch – A safety switch gives you the option to cut down or restore power when required and it is a feature found on old Switchboards. A Safety Switch can solve many of the problems listed above in a more timely and safer manner.

Having your Switchboard upgraded does not come at a huge expense and is a sound investment.

D&B Goodyer Electrical are able to provide an obligation-free test and quote for your Switchboard needs. Simply contact Darren today on 0418 132 255.