Why Choose D&B Goodyer Electrical

On Time & Reliable

We’re aware that in business, it’s the small things that count. In building, we expect all of our employees and contractors to be on-time and punctual everyday. That expectation flows through to the way that we deal with our clients, so you can be assured that we’re always reachable and our team will be at your service when and where we agree they will be.


All electrical work is carried out by qualified electricians and our vans contain all of the tools and equipment that are required to complete your project to a high standard.


We know the pain caused when trades people leave a bigger mess behind than the mess you started with. Every member of our team knows that an important aspect of every project is to leave the work area clean and tidy before the project is completed.


At D&B Goodyer Electrical, we live and breath all things to do with property development. Everybody that we hire wants to be there and tackles every task with a desire to complete it professionally and continue to improve their electrical expertise.

Great Value

By utilizing the buying power of our existing property development business, we’re able to source the best products at the best prices for our clients. From larger items like Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, to smaller things like LED Lights, you can expect an industry-leading rate.